To Our Brewster’s Family:
It is with a heavy heart that after 2 ½ years of great wine, delicious food, wonderful people, fun times, hard times, ups & downs (and a few hokey-pokeys thrown in the mix), we have decided that its time to move on to the next life adventure. This has been a very difficult and emotional decision and we are sad to say goodbye.
Brewster’s Fine Foods last day of business will be Nov 27th 2016.
Our intention was to provide us all with a place to feel at home; Brewster’s did that. It was the site of many happy times. Brewster’s was the friend you knew would be there when you needed them. Brewster’s was kick-your-shoes-off comfortable, providing a welcoming smiling face. Brewster’s was home.
The spirit of Brewster’s is something we can all keep alive by maintaining connections with the people we met and grew to love.

With deep sincerity and gratefulness,  

Richard, Sandra & Jack Procter

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